Full Lineup

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Get the whole chEM lab lineup for the low!! With this bundle you get 23 packs of regular seeds 13 seeds in each pack 299 seeds total.. an incredible value you don’t want to sleep on.

East Bae v2- (Sourdawg x I-95 #1) x I-95 D

East Bae v1-(Sourdawg x I-95 #1) x I-95 #1

Headlight v2 – Headband x I-95 D

Headlight v1- Headband x I-95 #1

Traffic Jam v1- SFV x I-95 #1

Traffic Jam v2- SFV x I-95 D

SKS191- (Headband x I-95 D) x I-95 #1

Square Grouper v1 -(Colombian Gold x Chem D) x I-95 #1

Square Grouper v2 -(Colombian Gold x Chem D) x I-95 D

I-95 A x I-95 D

I-95 # 2 x I-95 #1

I-95 # 2 x I-95 D

Gas Drawls v1 – Chem D x I-95 #1

Gmhoe – GMO x I-95 #1

Family Tree- Sourdawg bx #20 f2 x I-95 #1

Wicked bubblegum v1

Wicked bubblegum v2

Flamethrower- Bazooka joe G x Wicked Purple

Wicked Gas- I95 A x Wicked Purple

Wicked Sour – Sourdawg bx 1 x Wicked Purple

Underground Railroad v1- African Haze x I-95 1

Underground Railroad v1- African Haze x I-95 D


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